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    Scientific institution supporting the advancement of scientific and educational march
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    We seek to be an educational, research and knowledge center with a world class
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    Academic programs of high quality according to local and international standards
  • Faculty of Arts

    The Faculty of Arts is one of the major colleges at the International Mediterranean University. It consists initially of the Department of English Language and Literature and seeks in the future to open other sections.
    The Faculty of Arts at the International University of the Mediterranean is awarded the first bachelor's degree, the bachelor's degree in English language and literature for its students after fulfilling all the requirements of graduation according to the requirements of the scientific department , The Faculty of Arts offers major university requirements in support of all disciplines at the university. English language and literature

  • faculty of Administrative & Finacial Sciences

    The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences seeks to create a balance between the market requirements of the scientifically and practically qualified human resources and the requirements required of them to promote both public and private institutions, As well as to obtain appropriate competitive opportunities through the graduation of specialists in the administrative and accounting, and it also participates in other educational institutions and provide opportunities for academic education based on the principles of total quality.

    administration Department Department of Accounting

  • Faculty of Engineering

    The Faculty of Engineering aims at graduating qualified engineers who are able to participate in building their community in its institutions in a scientific and technical manner. They follow all stages of the development of this science with the latest scientific proposals. They are qualified in various engineering disciplines such as architecture, interior design, electrical and mechanical engineering, Industrial, civil, and so on. With a curriculum developed by the people of expertise and specialization, while providing the theoretical and practical scientific climate required to create efficiency and excellence, our goal is to reach the leadership and creativity, achieve our mission and objectives in the development of engineering specialization sponsor to achieve skill and excellence .

  • Faculty of Law

    The Faculty of Law at the International Mediterranean University is working on the preparation of distinguished legal graduates in the field of legal studies qualified to be distinguished cadres in the field of law, law, legal departments, companies and banks in all public or private sectors, The College also contributes to the development of the community through what it will work to distinguish from qualified human resources in providing services Legal consultation and scientific research. The college grants a bachelor's degree in law, and requires the student to successfully complete 51 credit hours in a period of time not less than 8 semesters and not more than 11 semesters .

  • Faculty of Computer Science & IT

    College of Computer Science and Information Technology ,,, The student is awarded a bachelor's degree in information technology after successfully completing 132 credit hours in eight semesters. These hours are divided into the requirements of the college requirements and the requirements of the mandatory and optional section.

    • Department of Information Systems
    • Department of Networks and Computer Communications
    • Department of Computer Science
    • Computer Engineering Department

University events

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  • University Objectives

    Providing high quality academic programs according to local and international standards

  • University Vision

    The Mediterranean University seeks to be an educational, research and knowledge center with a global classification.

  • University Message

    Provide educational programs according to quality standards in the knowledge society to prepare qualified human resources

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  • Benghazi, Libya
  •  ALNahr Street near Alum AlHanoun Clinic
  •  0919002934 /0919002933 
  •  info@miu.edu.ly